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Lapsed Amish Should Feel Free To Ease Themselves Into The Internet’s Vast Wealth Of Content With This List Of 5 Simple, Easy-To-Grasp GIFs

The internet can be an overwhelming place, especially for those who grew up in communities that don’t use technology, like the Amish. Any former member of the Amish community should feel free to start their internet journey with this list of simple gifs, which will help you understand what it’s like to absorb internet content and will prepare you to move on to the more complex posts you will see on websites and social media apps!

So, you had a good time on Rumspringa and are ready to join the outside world! Well, there are a ton of amazing things to explore on the internet, but let’s start with this simple gif of a square. See how the square moves a little to the side? That’s how gifs work. One day you’ll be looking at all sorts of amazing gifs full of fascinating things, like entire cities, or people yelling at each other. But since this is your first time, this moving square is a nice, easy place for you to start.

Gifs can have words in them! This one is saying, “Hello.” People often use gifs to communicate with one another—for example, you could use this gif as a greeting! Since you’re probably accustomed to either hearing words aloud or seeing them on a printed page, try looking at this “Hello” gif a few times before moving on to some of the more complex text-based videos and images available to you online.

A lot of gifs will depict famous people and TV characters making crazy faces, but let’s not get into that just yet. Instead, take a look at this easy-to-understand waving man. No pop culture references here—just a plain, regular man. You can think of him as one of your friends from back when you were Amish! Hopefully this makes your entry into the world of internet usage just a little less intimidating.

The internet is a veritable treasure trove of food-related content. You can pull up hundreds of YouTube videos teaching you to make dumplings in a fraction of a second, and that’s just for starters! To get ready for that kind of thing, check out this awesome gif of rice in a bag. This simple image should help you grasp what food culture on the internet is all about in an Amish-friendly way, and it’s a great first stepping stone on your amazing journey into the culinary wonders available online!

People on the internet LOVE dogs, and there are literally hundreds of breeds whose photos you might see online over the course of a regular day. This basic, easy-to-understand gif communicates the idea that dogs are good, which should give you a preview of the kind of dog content you’ll be seeing as an avid internet user.

It’s common for people on sites like Facebook to post gifs that explain who they are or how they’re feeling. Here’s a nice simple one you can try in order to communicate that you were once Amish! Give it a shot—email this gif to one of your friends, and you’ll be well on your way to taking advantage of all the incredible things the internet has to offer. Good luck!