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At It Again: Pope Francis Just Tweeted A Series Of Ambiguous Quotes About Not Being Able To Trust Your Friends

Well, it looks like all is not well in the Vatican, at least judging by social media. Pope Francis started tweeting again Monday night, and this time, it involved a lot of vague quotes about not being able to trust your friends.

It all started when this late-night tweet sparked speculation about a potential rift between the pope and a member of his inner circle.

After followers from around the world shared messages of support, the pope returned to shed some more light on the subject.

The floodgates opened over the next hour, as Pope Francis fired off a series of increasingly despondent tweets.

After going silent for a few hours, he resurfaced, and things took an angrier turn.

Whatever happened, it really seemed to get under his skin. He had one last message before signing off:

Yikes, it sounds like a pretty rough time for Pope Francis. Hopefully, he can pull it together soon, as this is getting difficult to watch. Hang in there, buddy!