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Awesome: Home Depot Is Now Selling An Incredibly Weak Pepper Spray You Can Use On People Who Are Annoying But Not Dangerous

You never know when you’re going to find yourself in an unpleasant situation that you need help getting away from, and those instances are all the more terrifying when there’s no one around to give you a hand. Thankfully, there’s an awesome new product on the market that might help put you at ease: Home Depot is now selling a weak pepper spray you can use on people who are annoying but not dangerous!

Finally! This is going to be so useful.

In addition to the usual police-strength self defense pepper spray they sell, Home Depots across the country have begun selling a much weaker product that you can spray into the eyes of people who aren’t trying to attack you, but still need to stop doing whatever annoying shit they’re up to. The new reduced-strength pepper spray is made with a heavily diluted oleoresin capsicum solution derived from hot peppers that will cause moderate itching and a mild burning sensation just uncomfortable enough to stop anyone who’s bothering you with their loud public humming, unsolicited political opinions, or invasive personal questions about your weekend plans.

While the new solution is not strong enough to fully incapacitate an attacker coming at you with a knife or gun, it is designed to cause just enough discomfort that any obnoxious person will have no choice but to finally shut up, giving you the crucial seconds necessary to escape before they are able to resume acting insufferable.

Yep, we definitely need to try this stuff out!

Home Depot is offering the new spray in a variety of formats, including a key chain and a handheld spray designed specifically for runners—because you never know when you might need to defend against a passerby who won’t stop insisting you look just like someone they know but can’t remember who, or a family member who for whatever reason needs to know every detail of how you’ll be getting home for Thanksgiving.

Sounds pretty great!

This product seems like a great solution to a problem that all of us hope we never have to face, but should nevertheless be prepared for. You can’t predict when an annoying person will start to get on your nerves, but you can always be proactive and make sure you’re carrying this new reduced-strength pepper spray. You may want to get your hands on some before it starts flying off shelves! Thanks, Home Depot!