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Desperate Bid: George R.R. Martin Is Tweeting About How Jon Snow Loves Listening To Music On His Skullcandies In A Plea To Get Free Headphones

Game Of Thrones fans, this might be rough to read. George R.R. Martin has never shied away from commenting on the expansive fantasy world he created, but his latest string of tweets is new territory for him: The author is tweeting about how Jon Snow loves listening to music on his Skullcandy headphones in what seems like a desperate bid to get free headphones.

Um, not a great look, George.

Martin started his thread up this morning, and it’s been going steady all day, with Martin adding more and more details to these new headphone-related revelations:

A few of his tweets seemed to be meant specifically for viewers of HBO’s Game Of Thrones show, taking the network to task for not helping him get free headphones:

As of late, his tweets have gotten way more direct, stopping just short of begging Skullcandy for free headphones:

Martin’s currently still tweeting, with no end to the thread in sight. And unfortunately for the author, the only response from Skullcandy so far has been brief and noncommittal:

Yikes, that’s definitely not what he wanted to hear. Hopefully Martin gets what he wants soon, because this display of desperation is getting harder and harder to watch.