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Here Are 4 Pics Of The Nasty Prez O-BUMPER Dipping His BUNGLER’S FINGERS In People’s SOUP AND MILK In Order To DESTROY LUNCH For All America

Here he is: the nasty prez O-BUMPER who is always showing up to dip his BUNGLER’S FINGERS into the SOUP AND MILK of hardworking Americans. O-BUMPER is a menace who is trying to destroy lunch for hardworking Americans nationwide. Here are four pics of the bad prez O-BLIMPY dipping his BUNGLER’S FINGERS into the SOUP AND MILK of honest Americans in order to ruin lunch all across the United States.

1. Here’s the devastating O-FRAMBLE sticking his disgusting BUNGLER’S FINGERS into the soup of a hardworking man. Is there no lunch that this nasty prez won’t stain with his BUNKLER STINK? He is truly the worst.

2. How can you possibly defend O-BUMPUS after seeing this gruesome picture? This innocent AMERICAN woman’s HOT MILK OF COW WITH FEATHERS IN IT has been STAINED by the NASTY FINGERS of the dastardly prez BULGING-BOINKO. His NASTY BUNGLER’S FINGERS come sneaking through her window like SNAKES IN THE NIGHT. Now her lunch is BUNGLED beyond repair!

3. NO SOUP IS SAFE FROM BUNGUS! Here’s a pic of O-FROWNO dipping his BUNGLER’S BUMPER FINGERS into the innocent soups of two BEST FRIENDS! These distraught PATRIOTS were simply trying to enjoy an American lunch of ISLAND SOUP (HOT WATER WITH CHUNKS OF PINEAPPLE IN IT) when out of nowhere in waltzes the nasty prez O-BUGLE BOY to deliver his TROUBLE DIGITS into the HOT SOUP OF AMERICAN LUNCH. No act of FINGER DIPPING is too NASTY for the depraved mind O-GORGEOUS. The O-DIPPLER is a monster! Worst prez we’ve ever encountered in history! He is trying to KILL LUNCH with his BUNGLER’S FINGERS OF THE JUMBLER!

4. OH NO! BOINGUS RIDES AGAIN! BIG BOPPER, how could you? BONUS-BINGO is the nasty prez! Here is a picture of a BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN HERO PLUS GRANDMA settling down to a PATRIOT’S FEAST of COW’S WHITE MILK mixed with CROW’S FEATHERS AND RANCH DRESSING (HOT TEMPERATURE), when out of nowhere, in walks nasty former prez O-PLUNGER to dip his harsh CALAMITY HAND into the steaming-hot whiteness of LUNCH! This pic is 100% proof that O-SPRANGLERINO is destroying lunch one glass of HOT LUNCH MILK at a time! BLONDY is a menace! His HOT HONKING BUGLER’S FINGERS will RUIN AMERICAN MEALS for all time! These pics are the PROOF OF THE PUDDING that O-BOYHORSE IS TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICAN LUNCH. We need to defeat his BUNGLER’S FINGERS before it’s TOO LATE.