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‘I Don’t Recognize Anyone In My Family And I Have No Idea Which One Is Kim And Which One Is Krandal’: 5 Questions With Kylie Jenner

From starring in a hit reality show to becoming a bona fide fashion icon, Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential figures in pop culture today. We asked Kylie five questions about her life, her career, and what it’s like to live her glamorous celebrity lifestyle.

1. What can you tell us about your brand-new show, Life Of Kylie?

I wanted fans to see what I experience on a daily basis. From waking up at 5 a.m. to dive into the ocean for oysters, to spending my entire afternoon shucking oysters, to driving around in a van to deliver the oysters to Los Angeles-based restaurants, the cameras will be there to witness it all. Who knows, you may even see me eat an oyster or two, although I’m not a big fan of oysters, so don’t get your hopes up.

2. What’s it like growing up in the most famous family in the world?

To a lot of people my family is famous, but to me, they’re just a bunch of people I don’t know at all. I have no fucking idea whatsoever who any of them are. I don’t recognize any of them. I have no idea which one is Kim and which one is Krandal and which one is my sister or which one is my mom, and I don’t really have any interest in finding out. I’ll leave that shit to the dorks.

3. How involved are you in your Kylie cosmetics line?

From exploring the rain forest, to capturing the endangered frogs, to harvesting them with a spear, to grinding them up into a fine powder, to delivering them to the counters of every Sears where they are sold, I’m involved in every aspect of the manufacturing and distribution of my products.

4. How’s it been since you moved out of the house and started living on your own?

Oh, it’s the best. Home is great, but living with my mom was definitely taking a toll. She would follow me around and hound me day and night, grilling me with questions, just like moms do. “What time are you going to pray today?” “Have you prayed already yet?” “Please let me know when you are going to pray so I can watch.” “Your sisters and I should all live in a rectory together.” “I bought a rectory.” I was just like, “Mom, could you be any more annoying?” I mean, I love my mom, and I know she just cares, but having some space has been nice.

5. You’ve grown up constantly in front of cameras. How do you handle the lack of privacy?

Whenever I feel the need to get away from all of the lights and attention of the cameras, I just get to work at diligently chewing and burrowing through the subfloor and down into the wet, cool soil that lies beneath. From there, I continue to wriggle through the dirt like a mole until I finally reach a point in the earth where I am completely isolated from all the camera people and showbiz-industry people who always surround me. It is only there, in that pure black space beneath the earth where nothing exists but myself, that I can finally sleep.