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‘I Love Pepsi And The Police Equally’: 5 Questions With Kendall Jenner

While the Kardashians have dominated both the news cycle and reality TV for over a decade, their second youngest sister, Kendall Jenner, has stolen the spotlight in recent years with her incredible modeling career. The young star was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule and answer five questions about her life in the spotlight.

1. So, two of your sisters just announced that they are pregnant! Congrats! How did you first hear the news?

Thanks! It was one of those classic Kardashian moments where Ryan Seacrest broke into my home in the night, shook me awake, and said, “This is gonna be huge for us.” I barely had my eyes open before he was already barking, “Get your money-counting gloves on, because there’s gonna be two more,” and muttering, “We can’t ever lose,” while crawling back down my stairs. By the time I was awake and understood what was going on, he was already peeling out of my driveway on his quad, probably on his way to tell my other sisters the news. It’s a really exciting time.

2. Your modeling career has really taken off. What’s it like to be featured in global ads now?

It’s great because the more exposure I get, the more likely it is that Tim Allen finally sees me, and that’s when everything will change. I just know that the moment he gets a glimpse of me, no matter how brief, he won’t be able to stop himself from immediately writing me into the Home Improvement reboot as Wilson’s wife. For now I just need to keep putting myself out there.

3. Do you have any thoughts on the controversial Pepsi commercial that you appeared in earlier this year?

It breaks my heart to hear people were offended by it because I love Pepsi and the police equally. I think there is room in this world for both. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. I want to live in a world where the law and soda can hold equal weight in my heart.

4. What’s something that people wrongly assume about the Jenners?

People assume we’re a Boston Legal family, but we definitely prefer The Practice. It’s just a superior show, and I think David E. Kelley knows that.

5. Do you and your sisters spend a lot of time together?

We’re all so busy that we barely get to see each other, but at the end of the day, we always go to sleep in a five-person cryogenic freezing booth together. It’s a bonding experience that will not only keep us close, but will help keep us alive for another 120-130 years. I cherish those eight hours I spend with my sisters every night, and I really hope that no matter how famous we get, we can still keep doing that until we are the oldest people in the world.