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Making A Difference: For Every Hot Dog This Restaurant Sells, They Donate A Pair Of Glasses To A Hot Dog In Need

The world today seems to be filled with so much hate and selfishness that it’s easy to completely lose your faith in humanity. But Murray’s Luncheonette, a local hot dog joint in Ann Arbor, MI, is doing something incredibly selfless and kind to help make the world a better place: For every hot dog that Murray’s Luncheonette sells, they donate a pair of glasses to a hot dog in need!

This is just beautiful! It’s so wonderful to see a business committed to giving back to the community.

Ann Arbor residents love Murray’s for their delicious hot dogs, but they also love it because they know that every time they buy any one of Murray’s 15 signature hot dogs, the restaurant will pay full price for a pair of prescription eyeglasses for a hot dog in the community. Last year alone, over 25,000 hot dogs received eyeglasses, all thanks to Murray’s inspiring generosity. Locals say that when they see a hot dog with glasses on, they smile, knowing that there’s a good chance that their favorite restaurant generously gave that lucky hot dog the gift of improved vision.

Entrepreneurs, take note: This is how you run a business!

Paul Murray, the restaurant’s founder and manager, says that he was inspired to start this program when he saw a hot dog that didn’t have glasses. “It broke my heart knowing that that hot dog lacked proper eye care, and I swore on that day that my business would use some of the resources we’ve been blessed with over the years to donate eyeglasses to hot dogs in the Ann Arbor area,” Murray said. “I grew up in this town, and I know there are a lot of hot dogs who don’t enjoy the same security that my family and I are so fortunate to have, and I feel that I have a responsibility to give those hot dogs a better life.”

The restaurant’s generosity doesn’t stop there. Three years ago, Paul and his staff founded the Murray’s Luncheonette Susan B. Anthony Scholarship, which provides a full year of college tuition to the hot dog that most closely embodies the spirit of the heroic feminist Susan B. Anthony. That scholarship has helped send hot dogs to Yale University, Brandeis University, and Brigham Young University. Without Murray’s help, these hot dogs would most likely never be able to pursue higher education, but thanks to the company’s altruism, they’re attending some of the finest schools in the country.

Just beautiful! If only more businesses were as generous as Murray’s Luncheonette, the world would be a better place. Because of them, there are more hot dogs wearing glasses than ever before, and we can’t help but stand up and cheer!