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Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman Bakes Try Guys Cake

TOPEKA, KS—Feeling helpless in the wake of the horrible Ned Fulmer cheating scandal, Christine Pearson baked a cake and decorated it like the Try Guys Monday.

“I had to do something to force myself away from YouTube,” said Pearson, 54, carefully laying rows of strawberry slices to resemble the three remaining members of the Try Guys on the white-fudge-frosting-covered cake. “All of those Try Guys. Those poor Try Guys. I don’t know what else to do.”

Pearson, who had never before expressed feelings of fandom in cake form, attributed the baking project to a loss of direction. Having already donated blood, mailed a check to the Red Cross, and sent a letter of thanks to the New York Fire Department, Pearson was aimlessly wandering from room to room in her apartment when the idea of creating the confectionery Try Guys came to her.

“My friends Cassie and Patrick [Overstreet] invited me over to have dinner and just talk about, you know, everything,” said Pearson, a Topeka legal secretary who has never visited and knows no one in either the New York or Los Angeles Buzzfeed offices. “I thought I’d make something special or do something out of respect for all of the people hurt by Ned’s infidelity. All those innocent people. All those web culture reporters who lost their lives.”

Mixing the cake and placing it in the oven shortly after 3 p.m., Pearson sat at the kitchen table and stared at the oven door until the timer rang 50 minutes later.

As the cake cooled, Pearson gathered materials to decorate it. She searched the spice cupboard for a half-used tube of black food coloring, but could not find it. After frantically pulling all the cans and jars from the cupboard, she finally found the tube in the very back. Emitting a deep sigh of relief, she spread the coloring over the cake’s upper-left-hand corner to create Eugene’s voluminous black hair.

“I baked a cake,” said Pearson, shrugging her shoulders and forcing a smile as she unveiled the dessert in the Overstreet household later that evening. “I made it into the Try Guys.”

Pearson and the Overstreets stared at the cake in silence for nearly a minute, until Cassie hugged Pearson.

“It’s beautiful,” Cassie said. “The cake is beautiful.”