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‘On Weekdays I Wake Up At 6 A.M. And Bowl 200 Frames’: 5 Questions With LeBron James

With three championships under his belt and the NBA preseason now in full swing, LeBron James is entering his 14th year as a professional basketball player looking better than ever. James, known to many as “King James,” was kind enough to sit down with us recently and answer five questions about his incredible career.

1. You’ve said your mother is your biggest supporter. How have you paid her back over the years?

After my first big check from the NBA, I sent her a framed, autographed headshot of NBA sensation LeBron James for her to hang in her dry cleaning business. I couldn’t remember whether or not she actually had a dry cleaning business, but I’m sure she put it to good use somehow.

2. Your off-season workouts are legendary. Can you walk us through a typical day in the gym?

On weekdays I wake up at 6 a.m. and bowl about 200 frames. On weekends, I’m at the lanes by 8 a.m., and I bowl about 150 frames. Then I’ll eat some nachos before I head into the arcade and play Cruis’n World until it’s time for bed. In my experience, there’s no better way to get strong and stay strong.

3. You’ve won three championships, four MVPs, and two Olympic Gold Medals. Are there any goals you’ve yet to accomplish?

I still haven’t found my car keys, which fell out of my pocket during a game against the Pistons back in 2006. I thought maybe I had dropped them in Miami, so I went there for a few seasons to look for them. After I came up empty-handed though, I returned to Cleveland, but I still couldn’t find them. And look, I could buy a new key, but it’d cost me, like, $200 since it’s one of those electronic ones. No thanks.

4. You got good reviews for your role in Trainwreck a couple years ago. Is acting in your future?

I really enjoyed the part in that movie where I got to play basketball. I am very good at that. I was by far the best basketball player on that film set. I would be open to being in more movies where I get to play basketball.

5. What do you think your post-NBA career will look like?

I plan to play in the NBA until I die. If they ever try to kick me out, I’m going to hide the basketball from everyone and then they’ll have to let me stay, because I’ll be the only one who knows where it is.