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‘Thandie Newton’s Android Character Is On A Desperate Mission To Spank Her Robot Daughter’: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Westworld’

With a budget and scope to match, HBO may have finally found the successor to its behemoth ‘Game Of Thrones’ epic in ‘Westworld.’ The western sci-fi drama is now entering its second season, where the stakes for both the androids and the humans are higher and bloodier than ever. Here’s everything you need to know before diving back into the androids’ battle for freedom and their human creators’ fight to regain control of the park.

1. In the second season, Westworld’s android horses realize that they’re androids, but since horses are pretty stupid it doesn’t change anything and isn’t outwardly noticeable in any way.

2. HBO has given the show a significant budget boost this season, with the per-episode cost now ranging between the lives of 12 to 35 below-the-line production workers.

3. This season introduces a story arc where the park’s creators establish a financial-aid program for inner-city students who can’t afford to have sex in a saloon.

4. The show has hinted that other parks may exist within the Delos Destinations campus, such as Shogun World, Denis Leary World, Denis Leary in a Shogun Outfit World, and Firefighter World: A Rescue Me Experience.

5. Now sentient, able to bypass her creators’ programming and form her own decisions, Evan Rachel Wood’s character only answers to a Roomba with a cowboy hat on it.

6. The season premiere included a subtle nod to original Westworld and Jurassic Park screenwriter Michael Crichton by having Wayne Knight get eaten alive by a horse that squeezed its way inside his Jeep.

7. The show boasts a complex narrative structure, weaving multiple timelines together to tell the story of how the Man in Black gradually went bald in his 30s, used Rogaine to recover some of his hairline in his 40s, went bald again after he ran out of Rogaine in his 50s, got some decent-looking hair plugs in his 60s, and then had his hair plugs permanently ripped out by a malfunctioning robot horse in his 70s.

8. Having developed the ability to feel emotions, Thandie Newton’s android character is on a desperate mission to find and spank her robot daughter.