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Uh Oh: Did John Mayer Forget What Chewing Gum Was Partway Through His Twitter Rant Against It?

John Mayer logged on to Twitter yesterday, determined to take down chewing gum. But midway through, he seemed to totally forget what it was. Check out his epic Twitter rant below:

John Mayer came out hot against gum yesterday, lighting up the Twittersphere with a brutal attack.

He railed against brands…

But then, just a few minutes later, he forgot what gum was?

He then proceeded to take down anyone who tried to tell him what chewing gum was…

Even when they were trying to help…

It wasn’t long before John stopped tweeting about gum altogether. It’s not clear whether he was ever able to remember what gum was again, but 30 minutes later, he was back to have one final word.

Well, there you have it! The tweets have been deleted by now, but the evidence is always in the screenshots. Sorry, John, but you brought this on yourself!