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8 Reasons Why Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is A Full-Time Job

Just because someone’s a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t work. Here are eight reasons why staying home with your kids is much more difficult than a full-time job!

1. Work starts bright and early every morning, whether you’re ready or not.

2. You’re always on the clock.

3. You spend most of the day running your organ trafficking empire.

4. You have to maintain constant contact with all of your clients and distributors, making sure they have the organs they need.

5. If one of your associates fails to do his job, you’re forced to transport the organs yourself.

6. You have to clean up your tub after every single kidney removal.

7. You’re constantly running out of room to store your organs. 

8. You always have to be prepared to defend your empire. No matter what.