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A Good Idea: You Should Draw On The Wall With A Marker

Hey! Here’s a good idea. How about drawing on the wall with a marker? A lion, a castle, a tree, or whatever. Anything you can dream up, draw it right on the wall.

It’ll be so fun! 

Paper is small and walls are big. Why draw on paper and tape it to the wall when you can draw right on the wall? It’s easier, and it just makes more sense!

If you’re worried about getting in trouble, just remember that Mommy and Daddy decorate the house all the time, so by decorating the wall with your drawings, you’re being a BIG HELP. You can help them out by drawing on the living room wall, your bedroom wall, or even the kitchen wall, and they will be happy that you did all these chores for them. 

Crayons and paints work, but markers are the best! Especially Mommy’s special stinky markers from the craft drawer, because those ones are permanent. 

And remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re not very good at drawing as long as you try your best—THAT’S what really counts. Even if you just draw a circle with some lines coming out of it, that’d be fine, because then people can have fun guessing what it is. A sun? A lion? Whatever the case, you simply can’t go wrong drawing on the wall. 

So what are you waiting for? Go give your parents a big, special surprise by drawing all over every wall in your house!