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Awesome: This Digital Media Company Requires Their Employees To Wear Scrubs So It Feels Like They Do Something Real With Their Lives

Digital media CEOs, take note, because this is how you improve employee morale: This digital media company requires their employees to wear scrubs so it feels like they do something real with their lives.

Yes! This is so awesome!

Spending 40-plus hours a week aggregating content written by other digital media employees at other digital media companies isn’t an especially meaningful job, and it’s no surprise that these workers can often feel as though they contribute nothing to society. That’s why it’s so awesome to see the new solution implemented by news and pop culture website The Peek, which has mandated that all its social media managers, web culture reporters, and branded content specialists wear medical grade scrubs during their working hours to make them feel as though they’re just as valuable as a nurse or doctor.

Thanks to this new hospital-inspired uniform, employees at The Peek can feel a sense of importance rather than a sense of shame when they work on their laptops at coffee shops—where baristas may even give them a free scone from time to time just because it looks like they’re the type of people who have dedicated their life to helping others, rather than people who have dedicated their lives to using Instagram! And before The Peek’s monthly brainstorm meetings where the staff is asked to think of web culture angles on events like Mother’s Day and Juneteenth, the employees are required to scrub in and put on gloves, shoe covers, and masks.

So. Freaking. Cool.

While this sounds like basically any media worker’s dream job, we regret to report that The Peek is in a hiring freeze and will likely shutter within the next three months. Still, you’ve got to admit that for now, their new policy is super dope!