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The ABCs Of Numbers!

Come on kids, let’s learn about numbers! It’s as easy as A and one and B and C and two and so on!

Say it with us! *A* number one is an “A” number!

What number starts with letter B? B’zero does!

“C” (of the alphabet) starts with C which is for Cix (of the numbers) a.k.a Six!

Can you count to Cix? One, two, three, four, five, cix!!!

Great job!

Did you know? A shape is just a beautiful number! The shape square is the letter D! The letter D (as in dog) is the shape square! Pretty cool!

Shape square is number four because it has four sides! See the sides? One, two, three, four, D, square! That’s the ABC’s of the letter D!

Which number is E????? We don’t know!!

We’re scared!!!!! Everybody scream! When we don’t know the answer, we always, always SCREAM!

Good job, everybody!

Say it with us: number 17 is a letter A number!

F, G, H, I, Square!

Now we’re up to number twelve. Does anyone know the ABCs of twelve?

You look like you know the letters that mean twelve! Do you?

That’s right…

We think you do!

TWELVE IS THE C WITH THE HAT! Yes, my friends, it’s as simple as that!

NO, KIDS!!!!! Don’t ask us that!!!!

We’re almost to a hundred now!

You’re doing awesome learning the one, two, and three of ABC!


And L is for 20! Right, kids?

What letter is number 50?

Sometimes a number is another number…that’s just how the alphabet works!

Qo’eighty-nine is an awesome number!

And what spells one hundred?

Well, it looks like this:

Wow! W is for W is for 100!

And that’s the ABC’s of numbers. Well done, kids! You are now experts on A through 1 million!