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‘A Wig Is A Hat For Daddy’: Looking Back On KidHole

In honor of ClickHole’s 10th anniversary, we have compiled some of our most viral content from years past. Please enjoy our best posts from KidHole, the kid-appropriate ClickHole feature from 2022.


A Good Idea: You Should Draw On The Wall With A Marker


A Wig Is A Hat For Daddy


I Read A Book And The Book Was 327 Pages Long And The Book Was About Sailors


What The H*ck! Broccoli…Is….…..Yum????


My Cousins Are Big, My Cousins Smell Good, I Watch Them Play Video Games Like A Good Cousin Should




Gary G. Rabbit And Gary P. Raccoon Get Their Groceries!


The Day Martin Mouse Didn’t Want To Go To School And Didn’t Have To Because He Is A Mouse


Get Excited, Kids! It’s The Ukrainian Version Of Daniel Tiger, Olek The Hissing Boy!


Psst, Hey Kid, Here’s 8 Seconds Of An R-Rated Movie Called ‘Robocop’