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10 Years Of ClickHole: Looking Back At 2020

In honor of ClickHole’s 10th anniversary, we have compiled some of our most viral content from years past. Please enjoy our best posts of 2020!


Truly Depressing: This Elderly 36-Year-Old Man Is Babbling Incoherently About Something Called ‘My Bloody Valentine’

Heartbreaking: This Man Has Been Working For Weeks Under The Impression That He’s An Essential Worker


I Have Invented A Cute Animal Mascot Named ‘Genocide Camel’ If Any Corporation Would Like To Use Him As The Face Of Their Company


Not Just Babies: The New York Fire Department Has Announced That You Can Now Abandon Unwanted Adults At Fire Stations, Too


A Good Run: Rupert Grint Just Announced That He Has Eaten Pussy Twice And Is Ready To Receive Lethal Injection


Fuck You: We’re Putting ‘Family Guy’ At Number 1 On This List Of ‘Best TV Shows Ever’ And ‘The Sopranos’ Isn’t Even On It. What’re You Gonna Do? Blow Up Our Office? We’re All Working From Home, Motherfuckers!


‘Office’ Fans Rejoice! John Krasinski Has Revealed That In 2020 Jim And Pam Abandon Their Children And Leave Scranton To Follow Coheed And Cambria On Tour


Preparing For The Worst: President Trump Has Asked For Ronald McDonald To Sing ‘Sexual Healing’ At His Funeral If He Dies Of Covid-19


No Way He’s Bouncing Back From This One: A Shocking Tape Has Surfaced Where President Trump Appears To Be Bragging About Groping Women To Billy Bush


Tough But Fair: The American Psychiatric Association Has Announced That Some Of You Could Stand To Re-Stigmatize Your Depression

Sorry To Hear That, Billy: Billy Joel Has Revealed That That 2Pac Hologram Walked Inside Him A Few Years Back And Has Been Using His Body As A Host Ever Since